Med Özsoy Group of companies was established in 2005 in Izmir by Ali Enver Özsoy, who was grown in an industrialist family for four generations and who has been in food sector since 1980. The companies have been operating in the exportation and importation of livestock & fisheries products as well as agricultural products since the day of establishment and they have been maintaining the tradition of growing through innovation since 2013. The group is investing in a successful future understanding the demands of its customers through its knowledge and experience of many years; and it expanded its areas of activity and continues production in its new facilities abroad in addition to its production facilities in Izmir. Med Özsoy Group, having its seat in Izmir and Hong Kong, continues developing healthy and safe products of high quality and in compliance with the world standards in a selective manner.

Med Özsoy Group has been adapting to the changing technology by the help of a huge curiosity and affection, performing its Research & Development activities, continuing its development together with its team working with attention, sacrifice, and loyalty since the day of its establishment; and it serves to 117 countries with all its power and reliability.


Med Özsoy Group follows global development in livestock & fishery products as well as agricultural products sector with an innovative point of view; and it aims at maintaining and strengthening the effective position of its brand in global trade by way of continuous innovations.

Med Özsoy Group sees growth as its main purpose together with its employees, producers and suppliers and it adopts a business model that is in compliance with the laws and ethical values and that is sensitive to the environment and nature.


Med Özsoy Group aims at providing high quality food products that would increase living quality of individuals and give health and welfare by using and improving natural sources in the most productive and sensitive way possible, from nature to tables, with the passion of spreading the benefits and healing of natural nutritional sources.

Values of Company

Med Özsoy Group considers “the values” absorbed and adopted by all its employees as an integral part of company culture and includes them into its work processes with a huge sensitivity. These principles are expressed by the Group as follows;

– Honesty and transparency
– Customer satisfaction
– Occupational health and safety
– Code of conduct
– Efficiency
– Consistency in product quality
– Technology
– Continuous development
– Public health
– Environmental health
– Social respect
– Sharing